Most company owners believe that their business is too small to be noticed by hackers or the chance of getting hacked is too small. Well, think again: It is only when your website gets hacked do you realize the importance of keeping your WordPress site secure.

Hackers will try to hack your website for various reasons: your sensitive business data is valuable and they can sell your data for a profit, and they can implant and run malicious applications from your website, for example, cryptocurrency miner.

There are severe consequences if your website is compromised:

  1. Your company image and business integrity will be damaged, customers will leave and potential clients will sit back.
  2. You may lose critical business data: your user information, your online transaction record, and more.
  3. Your website may slow down significantly, or even shut down.

SkyMont Group can help you to secure your website. We use a layered approach by combining tools and processes that would cover the three phases of website security: protection, detection, and response. 

SkyMont offers:

  • Secure your website (prevention)
    • SSL Certificate
    • Database protection
    • Daily database backup
    • Force secure password
    • Brute Force Protection
    • Firewall
  • Daily website scans – plugin, link (detection)
  • Website recovery
    • Remove malware
    • Restore database
    • Restore whole website

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